Chicago Zine Fest
12:00 pm12:00

Chicago Zine Fest

  • Plumbers Hall

The Chicago Zine Fest is a free annual event creating an outlet for small press and independent publishers to showcase their work.

St Louis Small Press Expo
11:00 am11:00

St Louis Small Press Expo

  • St Louis Public Library

"A vibrant, small press culture exists in St. Louis. Small collectives of comic book artists are printing anthologies. Literary magazines are cultural institutions. Zinesters are challenging our political landscape and gender norms. Contemporary artists are discovering zines as a medium. Booklovers are investing their personal money into publishing fiction - not by themselves, but by other writers who they admire and adore.

The St. Louis Small Press Expo (SPEx) celebrates all these publishers (and more) by connecting them together, and to the public. It hosts a yearly–daring, sparkly, diverse, badass, free-entry–DIY bookfair"